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WELCOME: Welcome to spn_texas, a Supernatural community for fans based in Texas. It is maintained by Valerie and Amy and moderated with the help of Wendy. This community is for any Supernatural fans in/near the lone star state. We thought that since both boys are from Texas, it's only fitting we have a community for fans in Texas. Everyone is welcome to join, and new members can introduce themselves by posting this form, found in the welcome post as a new entry to the community. A sort of 'Howdy' to the rest of us. We're all just here to have fun and get to know some of our fellow Texas fans. Some posts will be locked so please join the community as well as friending it.

New members, please fill out this form and post as a new entry to the community.
Fanfiction is allowed, please include the necessary warnings and descriptions when posting. Icons are allowed, so long as you post at least three icons and the rest behind a cut-tag or provide a link to your unlocked graphic journal.
Try to keep all posts relatively SPN, Jensen, Jared, or Jeffrey oriented. Fan meetups and Weekly viewing party posts are welcomed also.
Spoilers are allowed, but all spoilers must be behind a cut-tag. This is strictly enforced. Discussion of aired episodes are considered spoilers for at least one week after the original air date. Likewise, speculation posts are allowed, but any discussion that refers to spoilers must be behind a cut-tag.

Interested? Please comment here

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